Building a Bridge

Kieran B
Megan G

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National Construction Week

Today we went to the Science centre. It is national construction week and we met civil Engineers. We learned about bridges, football stadiums and the Falkirk Wheel.

We go into two team and got safety helmets and protective jackets.

Over and up wards

We made a Cable Stay Bridge. One team made one end to the middle and the other team the other side of the bridge. When both teams got to the middle we all worked together.
Then we put the last bit on and it was finished .It was quite tall but it long.
The civil engineers checked that the metal chains were all tight was. We walked right across it was cool.
We got to walk to walk over it again. Then we had to take it all apart and put all the bits at the side.

After we took it apart we sat down and asked questions about the things they also build as well. They talked about the Falkirk wheel. They said they built the science centre.

They talked about what other Engineers. They talked about other Engineers do.
They build lots of roads and lots of bridges. We did it to learn about civil Engineers and what they do and what they make. It looks good to be a civil Engineer but looks like hard work and you have to be good at maths.