Building a Bridge

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National construction week

Today primary six and seven went to the science centre as part of national constriction week.

We met five engineers who helped us build a bridge. We had to connect chains to the platforms and connect the platforms together. There were tanks with water at each side as weights to keep the bridge stable and to stop it from toppling over.

We had to were fluorescent coats and a helmet. We hade to were a helmet so that we didn't bang our head and if we did it wouldn't hurt. The fluorescent coat was so that the other people building knew we were there.

We learned a lot like how to do good team work and what type's of bridges there are. The one we built was the cable stay bridge. The primary sevens went fist. While they did that we watched a climate show and then went to the fist floor for twenty five minutes.
They told us some of the things that engineers do like build brides, football stadiums and even the Glasgow since centre.

Once we all walked along the bridge twice we had to take it apart only we had to do it the opposite way. Instead of starting at the post we started at the middle. It was fun and interesting. I think we all enjoyed it.