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Primary Six At Scotland St

Scotland Street

On Friday the 21st of January P7 went to Scotland Street School to act as Victorian school children, here are some reports of how we got on.

Dressing Up

The girls had to get changed in to a sort of dress it was called a pinafore. A pinafore was a white and at the back there where ties, and some of the pinafores had frilly bits at the bottom.
The boys had to get changed to, they had to wear a waistcoats and collars with a bow tie. The collars where white and the bow ties were black, also the waistcoats were white, black and grey and some were striped.

Keeping our Distance

After we kept our distance we were brought into the classroom, 4 at a time. The teacher Ma’am was very scary. Ma’am lined us up one behind the other when we got in. Then we said a prayer. And then the boys pulled down the seats, while the girls pulled down the desk. On the desk there was a shallow bit called the grove. The grove was used for holding our slate pencils, chalk and our pens.


line up

When we entered the building, the boys and girls were separated. We got put into the changing rooms and changed into costumes. The costumes were Victorian costumes and when we were changed,we were in a straight line. One line of boys and one line of girls.
The fake Victorian teacher called four people into the classroom one at a time from each line. We entered the class without talking and before we started work we had to say our prayers.
I was feeling a bit nervous but in time I got better.
The teacher was very strict and she asked us quite hard questions.
Christopher D

Going in

Going in
After we were dressed , we went to the classroom.We stood outside and put ourselves in a line (tallest to smallest)in a line. Out came our teacher! She had a long black dress and a white blouse.Then I couldn`t handle it any more.I think I still have bite marks in my cheeks from trying not to laugh!

The classroom
The class room was about the same size as our class though it seemed muc bigger because of the mirrors at the back. The ceilings were much higher.Instead of the floor being flat, there were stairs at the back.On each stair was three desks that seated two people each.The walls were brown at the bottom and then cream at the top.The lights were like two crystal balls hanging on a pole. One other detail it was freezing!
Megan Miller


The teacher (ma’am) came round and inspected our hands. She did’nt like jewellery, nail polish, long nails, or bitten nails. We did maths, times tables and problems. When you sat down the boys had to sit on their hands and the girls had to put their hands on their shoulders. Before you sat down the boys had to pull down the seat and fold down the desk.


The class

On Friday we visited a victorian class room. It was a dark coloured room. It had gas lights and old cupboards.



We got handwriting we wrote with pens that we had to dip in to a ink pot. Writing with the pens was hard because you couldn't make sploges. After she had finished the lesson she turned around and said don't worry I am not really a teacher and then she showed us the dunce’s hat and explained the cane.




Then we put the slates away and got an ink pen there was an ink well ion our desks. We drew a line of mountains, a line of hills and a line of valleys. then we wrote our names.


When you wanted to say something you have to put your hand up stand up and curtsy if you were a girl and salute if you were a boy. After you had said the answer you had to say yes ma'am and say it again when you sat down again.

By Chantelle

The Blackboard

Then we did some handwriting, it was a bit hard because I am a left hander and we had to do it with our right hand it was hard trying to join up.



After a while we did some hand writing and I blotted my page about 20 times, soooooo ANONNYING!!!!!! AGHHHH!!!! It would good if you could rub it out but you can’t because its INK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

David’s Caning

At the end we had to sing a song. Then she said she wasn’t our teacher any more. She showed us where she would have hit us with the cane if she was a Victorian. She demonstrated on David McDade. He kept on wincing when she pretended to hit him.
Ma’am told us that if you got something wrong you would have to sit in a corner on a high stool wearing a dunce cap. It was cone shaped, all white and had a big, black D on it.

Stuart Percy


The teacher was very stricked. She had red hair and she had a very loud voice.