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Artis Zoo

On Thursday the 9th of June we went to Artis zoo. It is the smallest national zoo in Europe. The trip began at the car-park where we had our packed lunch before we went in.

When we went in we saw camels and some other things. My favourite thing in that enclosure was a camel-like thing with big cool horns. When we were walking past that we saw a shop. James Bell went in and bought a camera for about 9 euros(the next day he bouqht an identical one for about 2 euros). In all of the zoo we saw lions, tigers, panthers, lynx's, wild dogs and cheetahs. Some P7's crawled into a turtle shells for photos, we saw real giant turtles.

The other animals included lots of different monkeys and birds. Later we went in a building full of animals behind glass sheets. They included otters, lots of weird mice and monkeys and other stuff I can't remember.


Ratterman the clogmakers

We went to the clogmakers on Monday the 6th of June ( My birthday, I was eleven! ) . When we came in we had to pass through an empty room with only a weird looking machine in it. In the next room there was a man , about 5 machines and clogs EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!! They were covering the walls and were on stacks all over the floor on big stacks (I think there must have been about 200 of them ) . Around the corner were lots of wooden windmills some were big and some were small, i bought one for my mum. The man showed us how he made clogs. First he had a small wooden block which he put in a machine. When the machine finished the block was a clog but it wasn't hollow and the toe and heel looked weird. He put the clog in a machine that hollowed it out. Last of all he got a saw and shaved away the toe and heel. It was a perfect clog.