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On Tuesday we went to De - Rank primary, to visit the Dutch children. We went to the windmill and we saw how it worked. We went on a canal boat trip and stuck our hands in the water, it was really fun. The windmill that we went to was at least 200 years old. It was used to grind Barley. We went to the centre of the windmill and walked along the edge of it. That part was really scary. I was afraid that the wooden boards might snap because they were so old and we were quit high up. It was a lovely view of Amsterdam. That was my favourite part of the windmill. When we were about to travel back to De - Rank primary Miss Patricia gave us an apple. They were nice and juicy. The windmill looked nicer on the outside than it did on the inside.



On Wednesday we went to the Nemo Science Museum for a couple of hours. It was great fun. On the 3rd floor there was an experimenting lab. Me and Lucy were partners. We had fun experimenting with the different liquids. After that we went to smell different things, and one of them smelt horrible. After that we went back down stairs and watched a show called: All About How A Chain Reaction Happens. It was really good I enjoyed it. After we watched the show we went and played with the bubbles again, and went into a print screen and we stood in front of something and it flashed and took your photo shadow and you saw it on the wall behind you. It was great fun Miss McArther and the rest of us enjoyed it.