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On Sunday some of the primary 6's and 7's went to Holland for a week. We started to travel on a bus for a couple of hours, then we went on a boat over night. It was great fun. We had our own room to share with either a partner or a little group of three or four. We went onto the deck and took a couple of pictures. It was really fun. We had our dinner on the ship. Then we had to go to bad. In the morning there was a big announcement saying that it was time to wake up. So we got dressed, then we got off the ferry and went back on the bus for a couple of hours, until we got to Hotel De - Instuif. When we arrived Miss McArther put us into rooms. After we found out who we were sharing a room with, we had to get our bags and suitcases and carried them upstairs into our rooms.


Ajax stadium

After we had unpacked we went to visit the Ajax stadium. It was really good. We went to the last row of seats at the Ajax stadium. We bought things like posters, teddy's, mugs eat. We went into the control room and saw how the roof opened and closed and how the security cameras worked etc. We got our picture took and it cost 3 Euros just to get it developed. There was a trophy room which we didn't get to see. We would have had our picture taken on the pitch but it was getting done up for concerts. Apart from that it was really good I enjoyed it a lot. My favourite part of the Ajax stadium was when we went up on the very top row of seats. I didn't like the part when we couldn't get into see the trophies in the trophy room.