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On Monday we went to the clog maker and on the roof hanging there were piles of clogs and lots of shelves filled with clogs.

We saw them getting made it was interesting because the man had a model of a clog so the machine could copy it.

It was pretty cool how the clogs hanging never fell on top of us.

Outside there was a big set of clogs for a giant and you could sleep in it it was that deep and two people could fit in it and a wee wind mill that couldn't turn and it was about the size of an adult then we sat on a log and ate our lunch.


Nemo Science Centre

On Wednesday we went to the Nemo science centre and we made cheese but it is not cheese you could eat it was horrible so even if you were allowed to taste it i wouldn't.

On the first floor there were bubbles that you pulled it over yourself there was a blind kind of thing that when you pulled the string and a lump of wood comes up with a bubble in it and if you blow the bubble it gets bigger.

On the ground floor there was this kind of play but it never turned out right the toy got stuck.