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Ratterman Clog makers

When we were at Holland we went to Ratterman Clog makers. They showed us how they made Clogs. They were using special machines. There were rough Clogs for people for sale for 2.50 euro but I bought a proper pair of Clogs for 13.50 euro. When I bought it I asked the man if you could engrave on 1 of my Clogs to mum and the other Clogs to dad. After that I tried them on they fitted me perfectly but I could not walk with it because there was a bit of rope that tied it together. After than we went out the shop to get our lunch I got a ham sandwich, orange juice and a trucker bar.

After our lunch we went to Ajax Stadium.


Efteling Theme park

When we were at Holland we went to Efteling Theme park. First we went to a animal place we saw a movie that was 3-d so we had to wear weird glasses. After that we went on a boat we went past a place that looked like an old civilisation. After that we went to another boat ride it went faster so I got wet. After that we went to a place were we were aloud to roam about for 45 minutes. My partner was Stuart. It took us 35 minutes to line up at the python but it only took like 2 minutes. After that we went back and Ate. Then Ms Mcarthur let us run about for 15 minutes we went on a ride that looked like a ship it swung up and down. After that we went to a ride with the class to a ride that had no lights. Then we went to a room that made us look upside down. After than we went away.