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We went to Madurodam on the first day. When we queued outside Madurodam. Thomas

thought he could walk on water and fell in he was wet and had to get changed on the bus. Then we entered Madurodam without Thomas. We seen some boats 1 of them kept going on fire and a little fire boat came and put the fire out with water.

Then we walked down a bit and seen a line of houses, then Ann Frank's house next to Ann Frank's house is a big church. After that we all ran away from Mrs McArthur and looked at things with our friends. Then Thomas came back. Then me, Thomas, Steven, James, Stuart went to see the mini airport there where planes moving around. There was a mini motorway with cars, buses, lorries and vans. Then Mrs McArthur called us all over to very big steps and told us we could go to a swing park or keep looking at Madurodam it was a lot of fun.


Hotel de Instuif

After Madurodam, Ratterman clog makers and Amsterdam arena we went to hotel De Instuif and got our suitcases and went into our rooms in the hotel. In my room it was me, Thomas, James and Stuart. After that we got our dinner. Then we went to the bus and got some tuck. Then we went to our beds. I really enjoyed Holland