Holland Report: David

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We went to Maduradam the miniature village .

The whole of holland tiny size.

It was amazing.

There were tiny windmills and everything.

We were on a platform and looked around.

I thought that was pretty much it.

So I didn't care that much.

I thought that until Miss Mcarthur said 'Lets go'.

And I realised we could go in.

So we had a look around then all of us got to buy ices.

Miss McArthur said we could play in the park

but I didn't want to me and Chantelle took pictures for Mr Johnston


Eftling theme park

When we were at the line for the park there was a women dressed as a elf dancing and giving out leaflets.

It was a long wait but we got there eventually.

First we went on a, mystical boat ride.

Which nearly got me hit with a pendulan.

A sharp one as well.

There was a giant spider that shot lazers and i touched them.

Then we went separate ways me and Amy went on the python it was great.