Holland Report: Carla

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Visit to De Rank primary

When we went to De Rank primary I felt worried, about them not liking me, but when we got into the school it wasn't that bad.

When we did get into the school we went to sit down on the chairs. Miss Suzanne was there teacher and she introduced us to all to the De Rank children.

The children from De Rank told us some things about them. then they sang a song to us called Fle it was really good.

After all that Mrs. McArthur gave the De Rank children presents, they were lovely.

We all got our lunch at De Rank school and the food was beautiful.

After lunch we all got split into groups but there was only two groups, The first group was all the sixes and the second group was all the sevens.

All the sixes went with some of the Dutch children to go to the farm and the sevens stayed back at the school to learn Dutch.


The hotel

The place we had stayed at is Noordwijk and the hotel is called De-Instuf.

There was a white and brown alpacas and there was some babies.

There was also a swing park and it was so much fun.There also had a lot of other animals and my favourite ones were the rabbits.