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de Rank

On Tuesday the 7th of June we went to de Rank school. At de Rank we learned a song before we got split up.Some went to the farm and some stayed behind.

When we got back we had lunch then p6 gave their presents to the Dutch children.

Then a little play then we left.Then we got to the other prat of De Rank, p6 learned how to play kofbal and the p7's went to a windmill,then we swapped over. After we

had dinner. Before dinner we paint clogs(and Igave mine to my second brother Sam). Then we had dinner then a play then a desert witch was cream/pancakes/

ice cream with chocolate sauce.Then we got our picture taken. Then we went back to the hotel de Instuif.


the trip to Artis zoo

on Thursday we went to the Artis zoo and we saw Elephants,Giraffes and wild cats and a huge fat and nibbly birds. we saw wild dog's and a man was drawing

them for 10 euros. The big birds are like the ones that live in the deserts.The Giraffes were put with baby deer all they did was sleep and the giraffes were just

eating or they stuck their heads at you.The elephants were very anxious to get out.

When the doors opened and there was a mother and baby one.

We saw lots of big cats. There was a tiger doing a poo. There was a hungry leopard which was moving side to side,and a black panther witch reminded me of my favourite cat Bruno so I decided to name it Bruno. While we were looking at other animals we saw twootters so Mrs McArthur named them Bubble and Squeak.