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Primary Six Fish Sculpture

Primary Six fish Sculpture

Primary Six have been working hard on some fantastic fantasy fish.

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Our fish is a swordfish and it lives in deep blue sea withy other fish.When it smells whals it attacs with its sword.

The sword fish can eat any type of fish apart from sharks.the reason it can't eat sharks is because sharks are realy tough and sharks have realy sharp teeth

When our fish hears noises it makes a swim for a den to get away from the noises.the sharks mostly make all the noise by chasing fish.
Chantelle Ashlegh and Carrieanne


The fish's name is Annie.
The fish's house is in the Whale Wash In.
The fish eats clams.
Its best friends are Bubbles and Dora.
It doesn't eat any people but she is a life saver.

By Carla, Lisa


Bubbles is the new and improved clown fish. Yes clown fish are usally orange and white but people call him a clown fish because of her sense of humor.
Her two best mates are Dora and Angie and she lives in her rented flat at the top of the reef. Her fave food is plates of laughter. Her fave song is
'5 Seaweeds in Her Fin' byMcFish.
By Megan M and Lucy F


Dash is a swordfish and Dash lives 3000 feet under the pacific ocean and Dash eats seaweed. Dash live in a peaceful neighbourhood called Bagdad and he is good looking.

Jordan and Christopher

Bubbles the catfish

Our fish is a catfish it lives in a river called the Mississippi the fish eats tuna fish.
The fish is called a catfish beacause it has whiskers like a cat.
You can get small and big catfish.



Our fish is a sword fish.
It lives in the Mediaren sea.
His name is Jimmy and he is a good fish.
He likes to eat sharks and eals.
It has a long ponted nose and it is in a shape of a sword and it lives 3000 feet under water so they are very hard to catch.

Rainbow Fish

Rainbow lives in the Black sea, she also lives in sparkling clean water. Rainbow eats Goldfish and Krill. Rainbow jumps in and out of the water because she thinks that she is a dolphin.

Stephanie, Ashley R and Charmaine.

Bob the flatfish

Our fish is a flat fish and his name is bob and he likes to drink water and eat whales . He lives in the North sea he has a big tail with a stinger on the end.
he likes the dark so he only comes out at night.

Craig and Steven

Axel the Axe Fish

Its name is Axel the Axe Fish. He lives 90 meters under the sea.
It eats children and teachers who pin him up on the wall.
Our fish uses his axe to chop up children and teachers then eats them.

Christopher J, Darren and Emma


The name of my fish is Rainbow and it lives in the under world. It can eat spiders fish and worms. When it hears any noises it goes to a hideout. When it starts to get dark it glows underwater and in hideouts.

Lauren, Kiren, Meghan S.


It has a long nose which looks like a sword. The nose is very sharp and deadly. A Swordfish is dangerous. It eats sharks and whales. The Swordfish lives in the sea.

By James and Thomas


It lives in the whale wash in.It likes to eat mussels and clams. Dora is light pink and dark pink.
It is friends with Ange andBubbles.
Her favourite colour is pink.

Aleisha and Emma D

Bob the Fat Fish

Our fish is callled Bob. It lives at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. It eats great white sharks and humans. Bob is fat and spiky. He has rainbow eyes and it is all white. His nickname is Shark tale. He was born in Jamaica and grew up in Hawai.

By Stuart & Jack