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Swan Lake

On Thursday 8th January 2004 Some of primary six went to Glasgow's concert Hall to see a preformance of Swan lake.
Here our some of our thoughts when we returned to school:

Jodie M

I like these dancers because they do good moves and they surprised us when they got lifted up in the air I also found interesting that when the main people were dancing the others stood very still.


I thought it was cool when the man lifted the woman up in to the air. I think it was interesting when the girls were dancing as a team.


One of the ladies is my best because all the way through she did a lot of spinning and when she spun she stayed on her toes for ages. There was a man who picked up the ladies and helped them spin too. There was a joker who also was dancing. He was dancing around everyone else.
Kayleigh M

Sophie D

They were all doing the dance at the same time the girls and boys that were sitting down were staying perfectly ready to come and dance. I was surprised that the evil magician picked up his daughter. when the Queen Swan and Siegfried died I couldn't tell they were dead.

Jodie S

I like this picture because of the way that she is on her toes I think it's amazing. I would love to do it. When I went with the school it inspired me and the people doing the show must have enjoyed it too I loved the things that the people did.


I like this dancer because her dress was absolutely beautiful and she moved very fast with the beat of the music
I like the joker because of the way he moved his hand and twirled with the music if you look at him carefully as the music peeped and beeped he made the sounds with his body
I also like the pictures in the back ground.


I liked it when the boy picked the girl up right over his head with his two hands and I liked when they done the steps the same time. I liked it when they stood on there tiptoes and I liked it when all the orchestras played all the music with all the instruments. And there dresses where nice some where colourful and some were not. Odette was excellent at it and so was Sigfried, they were good at doing bends and all sorts of stuff and they were very good at acting so was all the other actors.


The swans wore tutus and leotards. they were very good when they stayed still and went up on there tip toes they danced all different dances. The men are very good at keeping their balance. The men are very good lifting the girls up really high. The costumes they wore were really lovely. The tutus they wore were different from Odette because Odette has a straight skirt but the other swans have different ones because there ones are fluffy.


I liked the bit when they all did the steps at the same time. And when they stood on there tip toes and turned around. And when the swans stood still when when the other people were dancing. and their dresses were very colourful.


I like the way Odile went up right on the top of her toes. My favourite part in it was when the men lifted the women up. I thought it was interesting when Odile was dancing and the ballerinas behind her did the actions with there hands.

Sophie C

I thought it was great because the way they danced. I thought it was amazing how the Spanish dancers could bend down and touch the ground with their fans. Especially since they were wearing high heels. My favrourite part was when Odette did a dance on her own. I loved the dress Odette was wearing.


The ballet was great I especially enjoyed the part when the prince and the wizards daughter Odile were dancing. The best part of that was when the prince lifted the ballerina, I think Odile was a brilliant dancer.


The main female dancer has a firm dress and the swan madiens have a fluffy rim. The lines on the dress are supposed to look like swan feathers. The shoes have wooden blocks at the toes. The ladies hair are in a bun with a head band Lauren.