weetom travelling healthy art show exhibition

Weetom Health Show

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Primary 7j have finished off the weetom project that was started in Health Week 08 at Sandaig.

Back then our favourite story teller Michael came in and told us a very special story. He made up a special story to fit in with out health week and he made it up as he told it.

Michael then explained that he would be taking the story to russia, to the city of Perm to tell it to children there.

Not only that Michael was going to tell the story in a school of the blind, to help him we made the weetom travelling healthy art show exhibition, a special suitcase full of sculpture made by primary six last year, this years primary 7m & p7j. We also retold the story with sound effects and this is fitted into the suitcase in an mp3 player.

The sound file has been added to Radio Sandiag, but you can listen to it here as well:

Below you can see some of our sculptures click on them to see bigger versions. Makes sure you scroll down to the bottom to se the pictures Michael sent from Russia!


weetom travelling healthy art show in Russia