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Writing Instruction

In Primary Seven's first writing lesson of the year they wrote instructions for younger children to make their own toys

How to make a glove puppet

You will need What to do
  1. Get one glove and put it on to make sure it fits.
  2. Get a pen and draw a smile, two dots for eyes and a dot for a nose.
  3. Put one button on each dot and carefully glue it down.
  4. Put the three middle fingers down and glue it to the back of the glove.
  5. Leave the thumb and pinkie up for the ears.
  6. Now you can play with your puppet.
Kayleigh McM

Toy Parachute Instructions

You will need:
  1. Take the string, cut 4 pieces of ruler sized string.
  2. Then use one edge of the scissors to poke holes in the corners of the sheet of paper. Careful you don't cut yourself.
  3. Take your pieces of string and thread one through each hole on the paper and tie knots on the string on the top side of the paper.
  4. Then use the 4 loose string pieces and tie them to your figure.
Get ready to fly your parachute.
Johnny M

Toy parachute for a child

You will need :-a bit of paper, TOY PERSON, string and scissors
  1. Cut a hole at each corner of the paper.
  2. Put a bit of string through each corner of the paper and tie a knot at the top of the string, make sure the string is 30cm long.
  3. Get your toy person and tie the string around his chest and make sure you tie it tight or he will fall out and it won't work.
  4. Decorate your parachute. Now you can go play with your funky new parachute by throwning it up in the air and watch it float to the ground nice and safely.
Antony K

How to make a pencil holder

You will need: Tin can
  • Ring pull
  • Scissors
  • Sticky paper
  • Paint
    1. Take your tin can and your ring pull use your ring pull to open the tin by pulling the ring on the tin. Get an adult to empty the tin and wash it.
    2. Cut different shapes out of the sticky paper any colour you want and make sure you lick the sticky paper, paint around the shapes making a colourful pattern. Now you can keep your pens and pencils tidy.
    Lorna M

    How To Make A Toy Car

    What you will need:
    1. Take your small box and glue the bottom of it and stick it to your large box.
    2. Pierce two holes in on both sides of the large box with a pencil and put the chopsticks in through one side and out of the other.
    3. Take your cardboard and cut four circles out and put them on the ends of the chop sticks.
    4. Paint your car and if you want windows paint silver squares around the small box now have fun.
    Sophie D

    How to make a doll's Skirt

    You need
    1. Get A4 card and draw a skirt on it and the flairy bit at the bottom.
    2. Fold it in half and cut round the edges slowly and carefully and remember not to cut it off.
    3. Get some glue and spread it on the skirt, make it smooth and flat do not put to much glue on.
    4. Stick the tissue paper on the skirt and make sure it is stuck on right so it dosen't fall off.
    5. There you have a lovely dolls skirt.
    Claire C

    How to make your own doll

    You need:
    String, scissors, straw, two buttons, two A4 bits of material, one needle and one pencil
    1. Place one bit of material on top of the other and then draw 2 chubby legs, a body 2 chubby arms and a head. Please remember to do this in pencil.
    2. Cut round the pencil lines. ( You may want an adult to help you)
    3. Sew round the head, the arms and round 1 leg and stuff with straw, then sew round the other leg.
    4. Sew on two buttons for eyes.
    Hailey P

    How to make a Toy car

    You need
    1. Get your big box and glue the small box to the big box.
    2. Stick the buttons to each side of box- but make sure you glue them on tightly.
    3. Now you can decorate and then you can play races with other people.
    Elizabeth C