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Primary Seven Personification Poem


Primary Seven were studying Longfellow's poem Hiawatha. We used personification to write some poems of our own in the form of riddles.

Sophie D

Sophie D If I climb up a tree,
You can try but you wont find me.

I am the fastest in the world you see,
You will never catch me.

I am strong and skilful,
Some say I'm boastful.

It's not wrong to be proud,
In my big crowd.

You couldn't keep me as a pet,
Do you know what I am yet?


LeeIf you meet me you would be lucky to stay alive
The only way to escape is to deep sea dive.

I should not be played with a child.
Sometimes I can go a little bit wild.

I am afraid to go into the sea.
Nothing else in the universe can destroy me.

Sophie C

Sophie CI'm pretty and red with lots of petals
But be careful there might be nettles

I grow in the sun and the rain
In the winter is when I go plain

I'm very careful and kind
I'm also neat I think you'll find

I have some jaggy bits on my stem
But people give me to show they love them

Jodie S.

Jodie S.I can be scary and I can be kind.
I can go anywhere but I have to hide.

I can be like a human just a little bit.
I can be lazy and I can be fit.

I can be moaney and I can be scary.
I can be kind and I can be gentle (not very).

You may know I can't put my feet on the ground.
So I can't run round and round.

I can turn your light on and off .
I can follow you and if you buy a new house I will put you off.

Antony K

Antony KI am vicious evil and fast.
The other animals better make sure they are not last.

The animals are scared of me because I am a killer
I will chase you till I catch you and eat you for dinner.

I am yellow and I have brown spots
Every one thinks I'm cute and loves me lots.


ChristopherI am the fierce ferocious lord of all great evil,
My evil destructive is where you shall have your burial,

I can steel your soul before you even know,
Down below I will put on an evil show,

I don't care about your feelings,
When I hear the evil dried out squealings.


LaurenI am crazy, mad, energetic and fun,
When I hunt I am always on the run.

I sleep, hunt and play all day,
Even on a cold morning in May.

I am the prince of the jungle the lion before me,
Come into my homeland and you will see.

I love the water and the land,
Even if I tried it, probably the sand.

I am orange with black spots on me,
Look for my friends they will be up a tree.


LornaI am bright and colourful and I'm way up high.
You're sure to see me I glow in the sky.

I'm always cheery and I will always smile.
I'll not go away I always stay for a while.

I'm very eye catching you'll always spot me.
Well I'm very nice and I glow and glee.


HaileyI am as bright as can be,
You can see me from the sea,

I make you feel happy as happy can be,
Can't you see I am ready for you are you ready for me.

I am happy and bright in more ways than one,
I can see you two playing and having so much fun,

Don't leave me alone this is very dull,
I really don't want to stay so still


ElizabethI always make the sky nice and colourful
And I can also make it beautiful.

My favourite colour is pink and blue
And sometimes I get lonely and want to play with you.
Always remember what you have been told
At the end of me you will find a pot of gold.


Kayleigh I will be your friend because I'm very, very kind,
But I'm also very slow so I hope you don't mind.

I get tired all the time because of my heavy shell,
You would know too if you had one aswell.

I can go a little fast but not as fast as you,
I get lonely because I'm slow but it's not a lie, its true.