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Glencoe Reports- Ali

At school waiting for the bus
On Tuesday morning at nine o'clock we all met up at the front door and carried our luggage in to the front entrance. We left them there until we went to the class and made sure we had all the people who were going.

Journey to Glencoe
The bus arrived at five past nine and my mum helped me out to the bus and then the bus driver packed all of our luggage on to the bus and we got seated and set of then Mrs Burke said she had forgotten to hand her car keys in to the schools the bus had to turn back so she could give them to Miss McArthur. Then we headed of again I sat beside Kayleigh and we did a puzzle book and then half way there we stopped at the Green Welly stop and ate are packed lunch and used the toilet and then we started the journey again we saw lots of lovely sights like mountains ,water falls and big streams.

At Glencoe Outdoor Centre
We got off the bus and found out who we were sharing a room with and got our bags and carried them up the stairs. I was in the smallest room with Lauren, Lorna and Kayleigh and me. We were all in room six. And we met our leader he was called Chris he was funny and a good friend to me.

My first activity was the Forest walk and Miss Burnet came with us we had to jump over a really muddy part and is you did not make it over you fell in you started to sink. I was the first one to try it because I volunteered. We did orienteering one and orienteering two, How do you do that, climbing and Archery. I liked Archery because I shot the arrows and tried to get the most points. My team was called the tigers and the other team was called the bulldogs, At skiing we needed ski boots and of course skies We went skiing on a dry slope. I thought it was very hard but it was fun when we went up very high and slid right down and crashed at the bottom.

Breakfast: We had toast or cerial with tea and juice or just juice.
Lunch: We made a roll and gammon , biscuits , fruit and crisps.
Dinner: soup, Tomato and vegetable after words things like chicken curry and pasta there was angel delight and ice cream.
Snack: ether marshmallows with chocolate or without chocolate.

Night Activities
On Tuesday night we went on a very dark walk around the streets with No street lights. And on Wednesday night we played games like Smile if you love me.
And on Thursday we had a disco with electric guitar competition and a game of musical statues .

I loved it so much I want to go back.
by Ali