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Glencoe Poems

Images of our glencoe trip

Great fun for you and me
Learning new games
Early bed times
New people
Chris - a great leader
Outdoor centre was fun
Everyone goes home
Antony S

Music playing
Fun things to do like dance
Lights flashing, people boogying
Connor G

Bus trip
Waiting at School
Put my bags on the bus
Find my partner and sit down
bye Mum!
Gary W

Giggles and laughs
Leader is smart
Easy and hard activities
Nothing but fun
Clean and friendly centre
Over and over I would go
Everyone enjoyed it
Sophie C

Greatest instructor was Mike
Learned lots of things in all the days
Even used maps in Orienteering
Never forget all the people I met
Covered in beautiful scenery
Our house standing neat and tall
Enjoyed it so much I want to go back
Gary M

Great fun in the mucky forest with Chris
Learning together as a team
Exciting times with our activity groups
Near farms with lots of animals
Coming to Glencoe again would be great
On the way to ski some beautiful mountains to look at
Even small children can go and have the time of their lives
Ali M

Wind was so strong
Antony hurt his leg
As I race down the slope I laugh
Lauren F

One day we all went to Glencoe
We all hoped that it would snow
The skiing was good
And so was the food
We all loved our trip to Glencoe
Jodie McK

Try really high
Come on, nearly there
Just need to get a bit higher
Made it!
Elizabeth C

Good songs playing
Fast rocking all the time
I was in an air guitar show
Johnny M

Going quickly
A great experience
Going in and out of the cones
Lee M

Great time!
Lovely view
Exciting week
Nice instructors
Cool activities
Only a short trip
Everyone had fun
Kayleigh M

Great leaders-Pete was fab
Laughing in the mud
Entertaining games at night
Next I shot an arrow
Co-operating and having fun
Open mouth for screaming and laughing
Exciting journey there and back
Johnny M

One day all the children went to Glencoe
We were all hoping for lots of snow
My instructor was the best
Better than all the rest
We all loved our trip to Glencoe
Elizabeth C

Great fun all the time
Learn new skills
Excellent leaders like Anna
Never nothing to do
Covered with beautiful scenery
Obviously got to go again
Endless fun for everyone
Jodie McK

On our trip to Glencoe
We were hoping it would snow
Pete was my friend
Didn't want it to end
On our trip to Glencoe
Lauren F