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Glencoe Reports- lee

On Friday the 1st of February we left to go to Glencoe. On the way there we were all bored because there was nothing to do apart from play your game boy, CD player and talk but the long trip was worth it. At the start the driver made a mistake on where he was going but finally we got off to a real start.

At Glencoe
When we got to Glencoe. The driver took our luggage and sleeping bags off the bus and we go told our room groups and our activity groups. We had to get our bags and take them up the stairs and unpack our clothes. As soon as we unpacked we went down for lunch.

Our activities were good and they learned you how to do some things like ski and climb up walls with a harness and how to tie the correct knot- figure of eight knot- you could fall off the wall and end up killing yourself. My best activity was skiing because it was exiting and it was easy to do.

The Food
I really liked the food and it was nice trying something new for a change. On Tuesday night we got tomato soup and fish and that was my favourite meal. For breakfast we got cereal and then we made our lunch.

Best Bits
I liked the skiing because it was an experience going up the mountain to get to the dry slope. It was exciting and good watching other people ski and a man set you tasks and I passed all of them.

Night Activities
At night we done activities the first one was the night walk and we sang in front of the memorial The Ballad Of Glencoe the next night we did games about love the next night we went to the disco and that was the best activity.