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Glencoe Reports- Lauren

Tuesday 4th Feb:
As I walk Ali and Craig to school my mum remembers that she said that she would buy me a camera so she runs over to the chemist with my brother. When I got into the school I realised that my mum took my bag to the shops with her. I start to panic, as it was 8:57 what if she didn't get here on time. What if she doesn't get her on time? What if I couldn't get my bag? I wouldn't be able to go. Thank goodness as I walk down with the class I see my little brother, she is here on time. On the bus I wave to my mum and brother. Tommy and Karen (Lorna mum and dad) wave to me so I wave back. Sarah-lee sees her little sister crying and got a bit sad. A long hour passed then we stopped at the Green Welly for a quick snack and a toilet stop. Another hour and we are here. We went up into our rooms and put our clothes away but I kept mine in my bag. Down stairs we had lunch then got told who our instructor was mines was Pete and in my group there was three girls me, Lorna and Claire and four boys Antony S, Johnny, lain and Lee. We were the orange group. Our first activity was how do we do that. We got wet and muddy. For dinner we got fish and salad. My first sleep was ok but the beds were a bit hard.

Wednesday 2nd February:
For breakfast I had toast, tea, apple juice and yoghurt. The activity today was forest walk and archery. At the forest walk we walked, jumped and ran in mud and bog. I loved archery and I got gold. For dinner we got pasta and bolognaise sauce that was my favourite.

Thursday 3rd February:
Today for a change (not) I had toast, tea, apple juice and yoghurt. Today was the day I was looking forward to it was SKIING and CLIMBING. I thought I was good at skiing but not so good at climbing but I still tried my hardest. Dinner was chicken curry (which I didn't like). To night was the disco with was fantastic I was in an air guitar compaction which was so funny. My last sleep was the worst one that I had which was a shame.

My best bits of the trip were skiing because I felt as if I was really good at it. I want to go to Bellahouston because there is a dry slope there. Johnny on the way back home was singing at the top of his voice on the bus.