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Glencoe Reports- Kayleigh

Going to Glencoe
On Tuesday 1st February primary 7 went to Glencoe until Friday 4th February. It is about a 2-hour drive and because it is so long we stopped at the Green Wellie stop and everyone was excited because we were almost there.

The house
When we got off the bus we split into our groups for our rooms. The house looks really small from outside but its much bigger inside. To get into your room you have to go up the servant stairs. They are called servant stairs because the servants used to carry things up and down the stairs.

The first activity we done was forest walking and it was SUPER! We had to run towards a long puddle and try to jump over it. No one got across but some people got very close. Our next activity was climbing and that was also very good. Lots of people got really high but only 2 people got to the top of all the walls. After climbing we done orienteering and all we did was follow maps. The next day we went skiing and I loved it. We all went in cable cars to get to the top of the mountain because it was 600m high. We also did archery and something called 'how do we do that' and they were also very good.

The first night for dinner in Glencoe we had tomato soup, fish and chocolate cake. The next night we had lentil soup, pasta and ice cream and the last night we had vegetable soup, chicken korma and angel delight. In the mornings we could have had toast or a bowl of cereal but you could have both if you wanted.

Night activities
Every night we did some activities. First we went a walk to the grave of the McDonalds and we sang a song called the massacre of Glencoe. We played games the next night called honey smile and do you love your neighbour. The last night we had a great disco and lots of people were pretending to play a guitar. It was really funny.

I think I will remember my instructor Chris most when I think about my fabulous trip to Glencoe.