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Glencoe Reports- Johnny

Day 1
When we arrived at Glencoe we unpacked and did our first activity which was 'how do you that'. That was physical puzzles at which I fell down a lot. Then we did a water puzzle. We had to get a yellow crystal out a hollow pole with holes in it using water.
That night we had fish and potatoes for dinner. It was tasty.
That evening activity was a night walk and we sang the Ballad of Glencoe at the
Glencoe memorial.

Day 2
I went forest walking. I fell face first into a muddy bog. Then I did archery and I was quite good at it but I couldn't hit the prize balloon. Then I went orienteering. Me and Anthony were good at it.
Dinner that night was brilliant it was pasta bolognaise.
The evening activity that night was games like 'honey smile'.

Day 3
I went rock climbing that day it was good but the instructor was a bit unfair. Then we went skiing but I couldn't get the hang of stopping.
Dinner that night was korma curry my favourite.
That nights activity was the disco and I was in an air guitar show.

Day 4
We only had one activity that day. It was orienteering 2. It was the same as orienteering 1 but harder I couldn't find some of the markers.
Then we went home.

My favourite activities were archery, skiing and forest walking.