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Glencoe Reports- Jodie Mc

As we were leaving the school to go on the bus I was crying looking at my mum.
So we were off on the motorway when Mrs Burke forgot to leave her car keys
So we phoned Miss Macarthur and she came and got them. Then we set off again.
It was a very long ride and we saw very beautiful sites. On the way we stopped
at a village called Tyne drum also known as the green welly stop. When we
got there we met our instructors. My group was Sophie d, Claire c, Jodie s and I.
We were all in a bedroom together and we were all in activity groups except Claire.
My instructors name was Anna she was quite tall with blonde hair. After that
we gathered up our luggage and went up to see our room. We went down stairs to
eat the rest of our lunch then we did Archery.
All the activities were Orienteering, Forest walking, Skiing, Rock climbing and how do we do that.
In the forest walk you get really muddy.
The cooks made splendid meals and deserts. On the way home I took lots of pictures.