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Glencoe Reports- Hailey

Glencoe getaway

1st February 9:00am
As we were whisked away to Glencoe by coach. Sophie and myself got comfortable; we asked Antony if we could strap the DVD player to his seat. Antony was kind enough to say yes.
As time went on I got a bit tired. The bus driver pointed out of the good sites to us.
We soon stopped at the 'green welly stop' to have some lunch.
Sophie took a couple of pictures of us. We only stopped for 5 to 10 minutes and then we got back on the bus. By this time we (Sophie and me) were watching 'Mean girls' the movie.
Once we got there our bags was transported by mini van but we had to walk to the centre from the drop of point.
Once we got there we had a very nice welcome and were told our rooms. Sophie, Chelsea, Elizabeth and me were all in room '7'.
There were 2 bunk beds, a dressing table with draws, an other set of draws and a built in wardrobe.
After we had time to unpack and get changed out of our school uniform.
We started to do our first activity but we had to get all of our waterproofs for the week. Then we did orienteering 1. We would have a map and have to find pictures Mike (our leader)told use to find.
Mike our leader was really fun and cool.
Later that night we hade free time from 5 to 6pm at that time we could do any thing we wanted.
At 6pm we had dinner witch by the way was good enough for KINGS! We had:

tomato soup
Fish and potato (which Gary eat most of)
And chocolate cake with chocolate sauce

That night we sang the massacre of Glencoe at the memorial.

2nd February
We were woken up at half 7 by Miss Burnet. We got break fast at 8 and started activities at 9.
We did orienteering 2 and the forest walk. I enjoyed the forest walk the best. We went jumping in really big puddles full of mud and got told we were meant to do that. I will never forget Sophie's face when the water came rushing on to use.
We played games for our evening activities. We played 'Honey if you love me give me a smile'. I felt really sorry for Connor because people kept picking him.

3rd February
This was the most exiting day we did climbing and skiing. At climbing I was told by the instructor I was very determined to climb the wall after falling 3 or4 times.
At skiing I didn't like learning the basics but I loved just doing it.
Pete let me ski in to him at first to help me but then he moved and I fell and skied in to Lorna and she was not to happy.
After dinner there was a disco. I really liked. We had an air guitar competition.
Sarah-lee. Kayligh, Sophie, Claire and me were in a dancing group.
I could not get to sleep that well because I was exited.
Our last breakfast was the same toast, cerial, tea, coffee and juice.
Our last activity was archery I got 2 bull's-eyes I was really happy about that.
I loved the whole trip, it was great. I wish we could go back.