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Glencoe Reports- Gary W

On Tuesday was the most exciting day for us all because we were going to Glencoe we had to be at the school for nine or the bus would leave without us.
On the bus I was sitting next to Jason we were playing with his spider man figures but we got bored so we played with our Game boys. Finally we were there and we put our bags on the mini bus and walked to the house. We got our bags and put them up stairs. Our first activity was the forest walk Conner got stuck in the mud with one welly on and one off. The food we got was herb and tomato soup, fish and chips and chocolate cake.

On Wednesday we had breakfast a bowl of cereal, toast, tea or coffee after breakfast our instructor told us what we needed for our activity I was doing climbing and orienteering 1+2 so we needed a harness, rope and a helmet. Conner got to the top of every wall he climbed I never got to the top of any wall. The easiest wall was the one was in room 2. The wall that looked like a mountain.
Dinner that night was vegetable soup, pasta and ice cream.

On Thursday morning I just had cereal and orange juice. Our instructors came and told us what we needed. I was going skiing without sticks I got a loan of goggles and gloves. When we were going up to the ski slope we used cable car. When we got to the top I put on one ski and fell. Then I got the hang of it and we went and used the seat lift to the middle then we got higher to the top I couldn't stop but I slid to the line to get on the seat lift. After we had lunch it was time to go back so we got on the cable car it took ten minutes to get to the bottom we took off our ski boots and put on our trainers and got the mini bus and went home. It took 40 minutes to get back to when we got back it was time for dinner tonight was lentil soup, chicken curry and angel delight and peaches.

This was the last day in Glencoe but we had one activity to do after breakfast we made a packed lunch then it was time for the last activity my groups activity was how do you do that? The theme was we had to get the bomb that would blow up Scotland the first part was to navigate around the house without site we used goggles to blind our site and manoeuvre around the house. The second one was to role a ball threw pipe to a puddle. Eventually we got to the bomb we used 4 ropes and a elastic rope we used them to retrieve the bomb I had to grab the bomb when it came close to Ali I defused the bomb and saved Scotland! Then it was time for lunch, then on the bus home .

I had a great time there and wish that we could go back there next week!
Gary W