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Glencoe Reports- Gary M

Tuesday Feb 1
On Tuesday when we got Glencoe outdoor centre Matt unloaded all our luggage to the main door. Mrs Burke called our names out in our group. In our group was me, Antony K, Chelsea, Sophie, C Hailey and Elizabeth. I got my luggage and went up to my room. I got my school clothes off and got into my old ones.
My first activity was orienteering. We needed a map and a compass. We went to the equipment store. We got wellies water proof jackets and water proof trousers. After that we started our activity. We did our activity all around the house. We had to find Dennis the Mennis pictures. After that we had dinner. We got fish soup and potatoes. After that we went a night walk. We went through the woods back to the out door centre. When we got back we went to our beds.

Wednesday Feb 2
When I got up I heard the dent in the wall. I went down under my bed to get my suit case. I got ready and got my breakfast. We did orienteering 2 then how do you do that and then the forest walk. After all that I had a shower because I was black. After I had a shower I had an hour free time. After we had our free tine we had dinner. We had Bolognese and pasta and for our desert we had strawberry and vanilla ice cream. Once we had dinner we had tuck and played games and after we did all that we went to bed.

Thursday Feb 3
Once I got up I did the same routine as yesterday. I went on Dinky to the climbing wall. I loved the skiing better than the climbing wall. The skiing was bitter cold. When we got back we had an hour free time. After that we had a curry and after that we had a room inspection. My room had a very good. After that we got ready for the disco. The disco was brillant and after that we did our diary. After that I went up to my room. I couldn't get to sleep because I was going home the next day.

Friday Feb 4
When I got up I got my clothes on and I had my breakfast. Then I got my water proofs on. Then I went to archery. We had a practice. Then we got put into teams. After that we did singles and I was good at it. After that we got our school clothes on and we went home.

My most memorable moment was when we were crawling in the mud in the forest walk. It was great.