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Glencoe Reports- Elizabeth

Going to Glencoe
On Tuesday 1st February Primary 7 went to Glencoe we left at nine o'clock and we were waving to our mums and dad and we were all excited about going. But
then we made a stop at the Green Welly Shop we arrived at Glencoe at 12 o'clock.

The House
The house was big inside but in the rooms had no space it was very small I shared a room with Hailey, Sophie and Chelsea we had two sets of bunk beds. I slept in the bottom one. I found it very hard to sleep because it was really uncomfortable.

The activities were really good we did Orienteering and the forest walk my welly got stuck in the mud. And we played different problem solving games around the centre. And we did Skiing and climbing we were skiing on dry slopes at the Nevis Range, we did climbing at the Ice Factor I climbed nearly to the top. We did archery on the last day and I liked archery because I won a lolly pop for shooting a balloon.

The food at Glencoe was really beautiful on the first night we had soup and then fish and salad with chocolate cake and sauce, the next night we had soup and then pasta with bolognaise sauce and salad and strawberry ice-----cream. Then on the last night we had soup and then we had chicken korma with rice and popadoms and then we had angel delight with peaches. Our breakfast was nice we had cereal and tea/coffee or apple/orange juice

The first night we went a forest walk but we stopped at the memorial and sang the Ballad of Glencoe then on the second night we played games like: honey I love you, do you love you neighbour and quizzes. On the last night there was a disco it was really fun. All the girls were dancing all night.

My most memorable part was in the forest walk when we had to do a race and I ran up and because it was that slippy I fell back down it.