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Glencoe Reports- Connor

On the way to Glencoe we saw lots of different things like waterfalls and rivers like Loch Lomand. In about an hour and a half we stopped at the Green weelie stop for some launch and after that we went back in the bus to Glencoe. But then we had to stop at the village saw that our instructors could take our bags to the hotel. But we had to walk to the hotel and that took 10 mins.

Our Activities were the Forest walk, rock climbing, archery, Orienteering 1 and 2 and sking. At the forest walk we had to wear a water proof jacket, water proof trousers and wellies. At the forest walk you could jump through puddles that was really deep and my wellies kept falling when I went in big puddles. We played commando then we had to find Miss Burnet in the grass. At the rock climbing you had to wear a helmet, a harvest, thin shoes and baggie trousers. I did every wall at the climbing and so did Ali. And at Actuary you had to have a water puff jacket and trousers and wheelie. The teams were me, Gary K, Jason and Gary Wand we were the Bulldogs the other team was kayleigh, Christopher, Ali and Chris and they were the tigers. On Orienteering you had to wear wellies and water proof jacket and trousers. It was really good because you had to find number on card, cones and you had to find Chris. And at sking you had to have skies, goggles and ski boots. At the skiing Matt told us to ski. And my best activity was the forest walk.

The food on Tuesday was tomato soup, fish, tomatoes and peas and salad. On Wednesday we had carrot soup and pasta bolognaise and chocolate cake. And on Thursday we had lentil soup, Chicken korma and angel delight.

My best bit was the disco because we had an air guitar challenge and we played some games as well. The bit I will remember is when I was stuck in the mud at the forest walk.