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Glencoe Reports- Antony S

Great Glencoe Madness

Getting ready to leave
When we went to school we put our luggage in doors and waited for the bell to ring when the bell rang we went to the classroom about 5 minutes later we went on the bus. When we left I was sure I saw someone crying.

On the bus
When we got on the bus I sat next to Christopher and in front of us was Jason and Gary W behind us was Hailey and Sophie C they were lucky because Hailey had a portable DVD player with her me and Chris had a cd player which we listened to.

GreenWelly Stop
When it came to lunchtime we stopped at the Green Welly Stop after lunch we set of again and it was only about 40 to 45 minutes away from the Glencoe centre.

Arriving at Glencoe
When we saw the sign saying welcome to Glencoe, everyone shouted hurrah we're there. We then parked in a car park. Some people said is this where we will be staying. There were about 3 people standing next to a mini bus they took our luggage to the centre and we walked.

Our rooms
I had to share a room with Jason, Antony, Gary, Craig and Thomas I was not bothered and did not go into a bad mood. After that we finished off any lunch.

Activity time
Our first activity was called how do you do that? For the first part we had to swing from one piece of wood to the other. The last part was when we had to get water into a plastic container.

After the activities we had some free time. I played table tennis after that we had diner. Then we sang the ballad of Glencoe to the monument. Then we came home and went to bed.

Wednesday morning
We had breakfast and then made lunch after that we set of to the forest the mud was up to my waist next we did archery and then orienteering 1.

First was breakfast and then lunch making. After that we went rock climbing and then

We did our last thing and then went home.

I had a fantastic trip and wish we could go back. It was the best...........EVER!