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Glasgow Challange 2004

Over the past year some of the primary sevens have taken part in the Glasgow Challenge. This was an internet quest. A virtual balloon journey.

There were several different challenges, ours was based on four different countries: France, Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland.

At times it was difficult and at other times it was easy.

Our group was called the 'Sandaig Juniors' and the other group was called the 'Daig Babes and Jordan'. I think both groups were very good but our group got through to the final.

These are the different schools that got through to the final: St Andrews Secondary, Notre Dame High, Holyrood Secondary, Caledonia Primary, St Rochs Primary and Sandaig Primary. St Rochs Primary won and we were runner-ups.

However we won £1000 towards computer equipment for the school.

Here is one of the slides we prepared for our slideshow.