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A Countryside Ranger visits Primary Four

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On Wednesday Gary the Countryside Ranger came to our school. We touched real stuffed animals. We saw a dumb dumper. He dressed Stephanie up a Ranger. He showed us a weasel. He showed us a bird. He played a game. He put a squirrel on a table. We had fun.

Dressed as A Naturalist

Feeling a Badger and a Fox


Meeting a Fox

Gary the Countryside Ranger came on Wednesday. He told us about the things he does. He told us how many parks there are in Glasgow. There are 72 parks in Glasgow.

What is this? (a Weasel)


Feeling a Fluffy Tail

We had a visit from Gary the Countryside Ranger. He told us he works at Tolcross Park. He showed us pictures of places with people who were helping animals and birdwatching too. We saw stuffed animals. We saw a stuffed fox, weasel, squirrel and badger. When we were going home from it we got a shot of petting the animals and we got to ask questions to Gary. It was fun on Wednesday. I had a lot of fun that day. I will never, ever forget that day.