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Primary four wrote some spooky story starters. They have been trying to build atmosphere.
The children them word processed their stories and illustrated them with Kid Pix.
Click on the images to see them fullsize.

One Thursday night the trees were creepy and there where really freaky foot prints. The trees are freaky shapes They are shaped like hands and faces. There were bats and owls flying in the air and there is an old cottage faraway.

One quiet dark night in the woods there were bats and it was really creepy.

One quiet dark night there were bats and owls in the creepy wood.There was a house in the creepy wood.

Long long ago in the dark scarey forest on a spooky night. There were black bats and brown owls and they were really spooky. It was very snowy on that night. Spooky wolf foot prints lead to a log cabin someone went up but no one was there. It was very snowy on that night...
Megan G

In a dark forest a bear lived in a cabin with nothing to eat. he went out of the cabin he so a owl so he eat it. When he saw a dog he went too get it and never caught it.

One late night in the woods there were bats flying around the moon. It was very very snowy and there were owls in the tress.And in the snow there were foot steps leading towards the house.

One quiet dark night in the cold forrest the snow lay on the ground. The old wooden cottage stood alone.

One very dark night in the wood it way very scary. There were bats flying about the moon there were owls in the tree that were very scary . There were wolf howling. There were footprints going to the wooden cottage.

One very quiet dark night in the cold forest a big black wolf crept into the spooky cottage . And what lived in it, goblins, bats, vampire, devils and witches.

One dark night spooky footsteps were trailing all the way to a cottage. And bats were flying.

One quiet dark night in the cold creepy woods there were 5 bats and 4 creepy owls. There were creepy trees and creepy old house with creepy smoke. It was creepy and old and very snowy and cold.