Barlanark is in the east end of Glasgow and Glasgow is on the west coast of Scotland.

In Barlanark there are loads of activities such as, football, singing in the youth choir, badminton, ballet dancing, bingo, hockey, judo and play zone.

Most of these activities take place in Barlanark church, St Jude’s church, the community centre and at sport facilities.

The community of Barlanark is a friendly place, I like Barlanark because of all the activities you can do.

In Barlanark there are three schools: Sandaig Primary school, Barlanark Primary school and St Jude’s Primary.

Sandaig is a great big school because it is joined onto the community centre. Next to the community centre there is also a park called Sandaig Park.

In Barlanark there is a dentist it is on Burmouth Road, but there is a bit of a problem because you have to travel a little to get to the doctors.