Sandaig Primary School: Barlanark in Our Eyes

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Barlanark in our Eyes is a project to make a digital video about the community the school belongs too.

The idea started when we were planning to tell our Dutch partner School about where we live. Then the children were asked to write about Barlanark for the Barlanark's 50th anniversary.

We will be making the video over the course of Session 2004 - 2005 and will report on our progress here. As we go will will try to document the what we have done and what we have found out.

clapperboard Barlanark Stars and Wishes

clapperboard Barlanark's 50th Anniversary Parade Johnny and Hailey took photos while videoing the 50th anniversary parade.

clapperboard Brain Storm - Mind Map Primary Six and Seven put forward these ideas about the project

clapperboard Views of Barlanark Some primary sixes spent an afternoon collecting photos around Barlanark for our project.