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21 10 07 I still don't really get facebook


Herald on Sunday : Cyberbullying Originally uploaded by cx1uk

I just noticed Neil's photo on flickr.

Article from The Herald on Sunday about cyberbullying. Includes recommendation that teachers should join Facebook.
I've had a facebook account for a wee while now and am pretty ambivalent about it. I am not really very keen on the closed nature of the network. Most of the web 2 stuff I've found useful (rss, blogs, flickr and I dare say twitter) are open(ish) networks, anyone can see what you have to say.

Someone, maybe Ewan, explained that facebook could be a place to get away from the openness and post more personal things that they would not like all to see, but now teachers are being asked to be 'friends' with pupils on social networks which would remove this personal aspect.
Personally I'd not post anything onto facebook or anywhere else that I want to keep secret.

I know facebook groups can be useful, teachmeetperth on Facebook, but in my opinion a wiki is better.

Neil has a great post Are You Going Far Enough? Or Too Far? on this area and I agree that in the case of your own children you need to discuss and reach agreement about access to their social space. Fortunately (for me) my daughter is too old for this to become a problem, I'm her friend on facebook but not on Bebo and for a 17 year old living away from home that is fine.
For pupils this is a different matter, I can't imagine that many would be happy with teachers befriending them on their space and I don't think I want to sneak in by faking my age or claiming to be a pupil.

Better in my opinion to: and hope/expect that understanding and behaviour transfer to other online areas.

On the topic of facebook I did get an interesting invite the other day:


I just wonder how to accept it;-)

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I like facebook mainly because most of my friends use it every day. If I did’t use it, I would be missing out. However, as you say John, never put any thing too personal up there. There are different levels of privacy, but I have gone with the rule of ‘would I be happy for my head teacher to see what I have written or what I am doing in a picture?’ If the answer is yes, it goes up. Though controlling what others do and say is a different kettle of fish (especially old university friends!)

Tess :-) (angel)
Tess Watson (Email) (URL) - 21 10 07 - 20:35

I too have a facebook account, but have done nothing with it. I signed up at the time when a lot was being said online about people selling users information collated by the creators of applications. I can understand people wishing to have differing levels of privacy on the net, but wonder where this is going – after all, what’s the next facebook?
AB (Email) (URL) - 22 10 07 - 08:37

I use Facebook quite a lot because I can seamlessly skip between professional interests and personal interests such as music and also the fun stuff. Though I do find some of the apps. just ‘silly’ tending to lose patience with them… I will have to trim my apps list soon. Some of the Web 2.0 links are really useful. The groups are invaluable for both professional and personal interests and also for supporting causes such as the Monks in Burma or saving my local pub (my group). I have also made some valuable contacts through groups. The open closed closed network is still a debate I have not come to a firm conclusion on, but I don’t think pupils and teachers are – ‘friends’ and just as questionable is friend harvesting, (unless there is a strong common interest) which probably devalues the concept. Just signed up to the Web 2.0 Classroom on Ning, and that is proving quite productive.
Theo Kuechel (URL) - 23 10 07 - 08:44

I should have written this here a long time ago, but my rebuttal of the original article, which was full of errors, is here:
Ewan McIntosh (Email) (URL) - 27 11 07 - 07:25

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