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Links: Archive |EntryApologies

Mr SorryApologies to the readers of this blog. The sandaig Otters usually keep up a fairly steady stream of posts here. Unfortunately since our return to school after the spring holiday we have not really had a connection to the internet.

Occasionally a computer has sprang to life and someone has made a quick post, once or twice we have posted via a mobile.

There has been no way to get children to regularly check the blog and read and reply to comments.

Hopefully thinks will get back to normal next week.

Links: Archive |EntryNetherlands 2007

Netherlands 2007 6 -12 May 2007

The time for the trip to Holland is getting closer. On the previous trip we posted pictures and text from holland on a day-to-day basis on the Netherlands 2005 weblog, allowing parents and friends to follow our progress and leave comments for the children.

We hope to do the same this year, but it may be a little more difficult as the hotel we are staying in does not have an internet connection. We will try to work round this by grabbing wifi or popping into internet cafes when we can and posting from De Rank Primary when we visit them.

There is more information on the Netherlands 2007 about the trip and how to post comments to the blog.

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary 5 M make a Tetrahedron

Abbie and Lee made this comic about primary 5 making a giant tetrahedron.

Links: Archive |EntryEco Otter Action Day

On Friday it was eco otter action day, everybody around the school would make posters and pick up litter. people would take pictures for echo otter action day, then everyone would do different activities to help keep the school cleaner. Early that morning all the children went to the gym hall for a assembly. The assembly was about eco otter action day. Some of the children told us about the ideas that they had thought up. P6m thought of some of eco games that the children could play with at playtime. When the assembly was finished we went back to our classrooms for playtime then when we came back to our classroom we got our hard shoes on and went outside for an activity to pick up litter. Then when we came back and done work, we got out for about fifteen minutes to make our litter poster when we got a shot some people else got a shot. we all loved it most people was in groups after we all got a shot at picking up litter p7 got a shot at it we all went into the classroom. At the afternoon at half one Clean Glasgow came in to talk to us about how we could clean up Glasgow because we want our city cleaned up the problem is that if you don't keep your house clean you will have rats running around.

Read more on the Eco Otters Blog.
By Steven, Amy and Ahaun

Links: Archive |EntryEco otter Action Day

On Friday we had an assembly about Eco Otter Action Day. P6m children made up some litter games. Mrs Stewart talked to us about a green flag. Which is a Eco flag which will hang on a flag pole in the playground to show we are a Eco school. We have not got a green flag yet but Im sure we will get one before primary seven.
p7 were talking about how to recycle and told us to use both sides of the paper before you recycle. the p5 told us about how they made bird boxes and bug boxes.

Robert, Josh and Stephen

Links: Archive |EntryClean up day

On Friday we had an eco day. On Friday different people were to take pictures of what was going on around the school. Primary 5 were out at the garden digging. Every one got to plant a seed. Then they will be put in the garden. Primary 5 made bird houses and bug houses. Primary 6 and primary 7 were in the car park picking up litter. Once primary 6 had there turn at picking up the litter they went in to the class and made posters. When they finish them they will be put around the school.

Charlene and Caroline

Links: Archive |EntryA Quilt from Across an Ocean

Today we got a very interesting package delivered to school. Much excitement ensured as primary six opened it carefully.
The package was from an American fried of Sandaig Carol Fuller. Carol was our partner in the amazing The Dream Dragon project, where her pupils created a wonderful play from our Keepers poem for National Poetry Day October 2005. Then she sent us a treasure box of puppets and a script to perform their play (you can see the results on the Dream Dragon blog).

This time the US pupils sent us a beautiful friendship quilt, covered with inspiring squares and good wishes. Some of the pupils who made the quilt were involved in the play-writing and had continued the keepers idea, others sent messages of friendship.
Primary Six were delighted (they enjoyed the chocolate too), and we will be replying using some of the content of the boxes soon.

Carol tolds us in her letter that she is moving on to a new school, so we send our fairy blogmother our best wishes and hope to keep the connection going next session.

Unfortunately we are having a bit of a network problem at school at he moment so the children cannot blog their own response yet, but watch out for some interesting replies here and on the Primary Six SJ blogs soon.

Links: Archive |EntryEco Otter Action Day

On Friday it was Eco Otter Action day. We did lots of different things to help our school get a green flag. This picture shows some people picking up litter. We took videos of people picking litter up. The gloves were very big and when we took them off our hands smelled and we had to wash them and the jackets were to long on us and when we picked up the litter then we put it in the black bag. The bag started to smell a lot which started to make us feel sick and when we washed our hands they still smelled. We also planted plants in our class and when they grow they will be going to put them in the garden.
Most of the children enjoyed it and some of them didn't . We hope we get the Green Flag as we have tried our best to keep our school clean.

By Nicole , Lauren and Melissa

Links: Archive |EntryClean up the garden

Charlene and Caroline

Links: Archive |EntryBe Very Afraid video

Back in October a team from Sandaig went to Be Very Afraid 3. The BVA website has been updated with video and pictures from the event. Well worth waiting for, the quality of the video is great (and loads quickly) and it brought back a lot of memories.

The Musical montage video gives a good idea of how exciting the event was, and we feature in the Sandaig Primary School section and most of the photos of the Sandaig team are in Photo Gallery 5.

Links: Archive |EntryEco Otter Action Day

Today was Eco Otter Action day at Sandaig. Lots and lots of great activities were planned and carried out involving all of the children in School.
Primary 6sj had planned to give complete blog coverage of the event with pictures, movies and sounds.
Unfortunately the internet connection at school was down and most of the computers out of action. we managed to coach one pc onto the internet and the children uploaded some great comics (made on our non-networkedmackbooks) to the Eco Otters blog. Skippy managed a blog post too to give a kangaroo's eye view of eco otter day .
hopefully the network problems will get sorted out and we will be back next week with some more blogging.

Links: Archive |EntryEco Otter Day Around the School

Links: Archive |EntryEco Litter Picking

By Nicole, Melissa And Lauren

Links: Archive |EntryPrimary Four In The Garden

by Jodie,Jamie and Kris

Links: Archive |EntryEco Otter Assembly

Links: Archive |EntryEco Otter Action Day

Friday is Eco Otter Action Day. All the classes will be doing different activities like making litter posters, faces for our bins and much more.
We will be planting seeds for the garden and tidying the grounds of the school and community centre.
We are going to try and keep you updated on the day, by posting pictures of all activities along with some text, audio and perhaps video.

Links: Archive |EntryStory Boarding

Yesterday p6s/j were working on there new enterprise project, making a dvd from the parents of the primary ones that are starting school next year at sandaig primary school. Yesterday we had to start our story boards. We had to draw a rough idea on what we want our part of the movie to look like. Then on monday we have to start recording our part of the movie. We will keep you updated on what we are doing.

We have not been blogging for a while because most of the the computers in the school wre not connected to the network.