This is the weblog of Sandaig Primary School Sandaig is in Barlanark in the city of Glasgow, Scotland.


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Links: Archive |EntryOur Victorian Assembly

Last Week Primary Six preformed their class assembly to the school.
The children in primary six had written and organised the assembly all by themselves.

Step 1: The election

There was an election to decide who would be in charge of the assembly. In the first round Lucy came 1st and I came 2nd but Megan had to go into the 2nd round. Lucy wanted to be head of the school actors so she got it, but Megan and me both wanted to be the head of the heads. We flipped a coin and I won so Megan had to be head of the working actors.

By Stuart Percy (more)


The first place we went was Kelvin St. It had an underground station, we saw Underground Number 4, it was built as a gripper car and used as a trailer during the period of electric trains.

The thing I liked best was the trams, trams are good because they cannot get stuck in traffic jams.
We saw lots of cars. The Morris Cowely 1926 could be found in grey, brown and blue. The Ford Angela (also is found in harry potter 2) was the best seller between 1959 & 1968. The Viper six cylinder saloon was only 285. The Morris 1000 was the last hard working post office van in Scotland and the oldest bike was from 1845. The other thing I liked was the spitfire.
Emma D and Steven

Links: Archive |EntryBarlanark Family Learning Centre

Barlanark Family Learning Centre
Over the past few months p6 have been going to the family-learning centre to help with the younger children. And we got to do some activities with them. Like sand play, water play, baking, woodwork, P.E, football and dancing. We also got to meet some of the future P1’s. All the children had their fun we had ours to. We made good friends and taught good things, we hope they will enjoy the Sandaig School and like their teachers and friends.
Yesterday some of the children came to the school and gave us a certificates and a photo album of us at the learning centre. They also gave us crisps and sweets.
Emma B, Stephanie, David
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Links: Archive |EntryP7 at Glencoe



Last week p7 went to Glencoe when we got there we were there for four days we did Orienteering 1 and 2, archery, forest walk, ‘how do we do that’, skiing, climbing and evening activities like the night walk, the games like honey smile and the disco.
It was absolutely fabulous. When we went our night walk we went to the memorial and we sang the Ballad of Glencoe.

Update 10 Feb 05
I have uploaded a gallery of Glencoe pictures, expect more about the Glencoe trip to be added to the classes pages soon.
Mr Johnston