11 12 07 The Gay Gordons

For the AllStars.



VERY impressive, Sandaig!!! We’re sure the AllStars will love this! It’s great that we’re all keeping up the tradition here in Scotland….. even the little song to help you remember the steps is the same as ours :)

(Primary 7 here have been complaining a bit, but I KNOW that they secretly all love it!)
Mrs V and P7v (Email) (URL) - 12 12 07 - 16:54

Thanks you Sandaig – this is terrific. Your video and words are very helpful. We have practised in our hallway this morning – now we are ready to teach the rest of the Stage 3 kids. Do you know the name of the music? The dance also fits to an Australian song called “Home Among the Gum Trees” and MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”!!!!! How amazing is that :)
Everyone is having fun doing this dance – although the “tricky turn” is quite tricky :0
Thanks again – we will make a video too – just so you can see us doing the Gay Gordons too :lol:
AllStars (Email) (URL) - 13 12 07 - 05:23

heyy it is me u thought u could get rid of me but you cant and i remember having to do the gay gordons you hate the practice but the dance is great and you will all ways remember it so start practicing or else you will do what i did and forget it and look stupid
Kayleigh (ex- pupil) - 13 12 07 - 09:48

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